7 Disciple-Making Distractions and Solutions

Our Lord commanded it. You know you should be doing it. But you cannot seem to get started (or keep focused) on disciple-making.

Distractions and Solutions

Which of these 7 disciple-making distractions are you experiencing?

  1. Busyness. Are you filling your day and your calendar with so much that you don’t have time to be a disciple and invest in disciple-making? Solution: Calendar time with God and for disciple-making.
  2. Procrastination. Do you continue to commit to start tomorrow? Solution: Commit to God and a trusted friend who will hold you accountable.
  3. Perfection. Are you waiting for the perfect strategy or resource? Solution: Since it will never be perfect, get started now. Tweak the strategy and materials used as you go.
  4. Regret. Are you looking back like Lot’s wife in Genesis 19? Solution: Let go. Place your burdens on Him. Move toward His preferred future for you and your disciple.
  5. Competition. Are you envious of what others are doing and trying to do it even better than they are? Solution: Change your focus. Our judge is the Lord who simply wants us to give Him our best.
  6. Tiredness. Are you so tired every day that you cannot imagine adding anything to your schedule? Solution: Schedule rest. Eat properly. Exercise. Seek medical help. Recognize that your discipleship relationship with God and others will energize you.
  7. Ignorance. Are you simply ignoring or unaware of the task, the people, and the need? Solution: Ask for God’s help to recognize what He wants to do through you.

Identify your distractions. Ask for God’s help. Make a fresh start. Be a disciple that makes disciples!

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