Discipleship Tool: Scripture Memorization

Have you used an excuse about not being able to memorize? And yet we remember what is important to us. What is your address and phone number? What is your social security number? What was the score in the big game? What are your passwords for your email accounts? (Yes, I know sometimes we write down and look up important data.)


The point is when we want to memorize something, we can. My favorite time of teaching MasterLife was when Myrle Blacklock and Irene Powell were in my group. Both ladies were over 70. MasterLife is a great discipleship resource that expects members to learn to scripture passages each week for six months. Participants are expected not to learn this week’s verses while forgetting all previously learned ones. Instead, we were challenge to review them all every week.

Irene did a great job throughout the six months. How did she do it? She got on her stationary bike each day and rode it until she had said/reviewed every scripture. So as the weeks went by, Irene was in better shape physically and spiritually. She committed the time to review the passages daily. It was important to her.

Scripture Memorization

Ask someone to hold you accountable to memorize a passage each week. Then hold your disciple accountable to do the same. Learn together. Watch as God uses verses in conversation as you walk through life. Live out Deuteronomy 6:6-9 by keeping God’s Word on your heart and mind daily in every circumstance and interaction.

If you want to read about an app that Lynn Pryor found helpful with scripture memorization, check out his post, A Great Tool for Scripture Memorization. Start small. Use memorization cards (can simply be index cards on which you write the reference on one side and the verse on the reverse). Or use an app; there are several that can help. Accountability can encourage us to make scripture memorization important enough to do well. Get a partner and start this week!

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