Discipling Tool: Bible Reading Plan

Testimony. My wife and I began a Bible reading plan this year. It is on YouVersion. I have reminders set daily. It flows through the whole Bible chronologically. It focuses on one chapter per day, six days per week. And it involves simple journaling, called Talk It Over. She can read my response and I can read hers. My responses are frequently prayers in response to what I have read.

I am one day behind, but I have a strong commitment to keep up because of doing the plan together. Accountability can serve as great encouragement. Yvonne and I are learning together. We have opportunity to talk about God, His Word, and life together.


A discipling relationship will usually benefit from an intentional focus on God’s Word. It may need a specific focus at various times due to life circumstances. The discipler might suggest a specific book of the Bible or a specific passage. Considering the point of God’s Word and its relevance for today and for me makes it come alive. It impacts thinking and decision-making.

Doing so together with a trusted friend teaches rightly handing the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We want those we disciple to be able to study God’s Word on their own–when we are not with them. Doing so together helps them gain confidence and competence. Time and practice helps them make the practice more and more comfortable.

Bible Reading Plan

Assign passages–don’t make this a burden. Provide a simple set of questions that apply to most passages. Ask for reading and work to be done between your meetings. Then during your meetings, discuss your insights together (yes, the discipler needs to do so as well). Four simple questions come to my mind that might be included:

  1. What is the context and how does it impact the passage/truth?
  2. What is the main point/truth that was made then/in that context?
  3. How is that truth relevant to life today?
  4. How is that truth relevant to me?

For more ideas, I encourage you to check out chapters 14-19 in my book, Disciple-Making Encounters.

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