Year’s Top 10 Most Read 28Nineteen Posts

If you look today at books published, conferences offered, and statistics from 28Nineteen, you will recognize that interest in discipleship is on the increase. With ten days left in the year, pageviews of 28Nineteen are up 20.7% for 2017. That is good news. The mission our Lord gave His Bride is important.

Top 10 Most Read

Which posts were the most read for 2017? The following are listed in order:

  1. Three Reasons Why Discipleship Is Important
  2. 8 Discipleship Words
  3. Top 10 Church Growth Principles
  4. The Best Assimilation Strategy
  5. Five Assimilation Facts
  6. Materials for One-on-One Disciple-Making
  7. Think with Me about Discipleship Phase Actions
  8. Sam Newman: A Disciple-Making Journey, Part 1
  9. Who’s Involved in Your Discipleship?
  10. “Fusion”, God’s Assimilation Plan

If you missed these posts, you have an opportunity to catch up. If you appreciated one or more of these, share them. If you have a disciple-making story to tell, contact me so I can share it. If you have a discipleship idea you would like to see on 28Nineteen, let me know. Together with our Lord, we can strengthen leaders and churches as they carry out the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations.

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