Tracking Your Disciple-Making

Disciple-making efforts matter. What are you doing to help disciples make progress? How are you helping them to mutliply? Think 2 Timothy 2:2.

Are fewer and fewer involved in your disciple-making strategy as you go farther along? Then the strategy may be too complicated. You may have too many steps or the transitions may be confusing.

Think about an individual when you design your process. How could you ensure that one individual moves from step to step? Think in terms of relationships. Think about how an encourager could help.

Tracking is important. But tracking is often more about numbers than about individuals. Stay focused on individuals and you are more likely to see individual progress.

How have you been successful in encouraging people to move through your disciple-making strategy? Share your successes. Ask for help. Ask questions. Press Comments and share.

Track your disciples. Make disciples.


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