The Disciple Maker’s Handbook

At the National Disciple Making Forum, I received a sampler (two chapters) of The Disciple Maker’s Handbook: 7 Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle by Bobby Harrington and Josh Patrick. Because I have been around Bobby at the discipleship track at Exponential and this year’s Forum, I look forward to reading the complete book when it becomes available on November 9.

The sampler list the seven elements:

  1. Jesus—the original disciple maker and centerpiece of discipleship.
  2. Holy Spirit—fuels the disciple-making process.
  3. Intentionality—making disciples utilizing a strategy and a roadmap.
  4. Relationships—creating a loving, genuine connection with others who trust and follow Jesus.
  5. Bible—using the Word of God as the manual for making disciples.
  6. Journey—forging a traceable growth story from a new birth to spiritual parenthood.
  7. Multiply—reproducing the discipleship process so that the disciple becomes a disciple maker.

I frequently write and talk about six of these seven disciple making elements. I look forward to discovering more about one of them, “journey.” Do you have a disciple making plan? Does it include each of these seven elements? If not, how can you tweak or change your plan so they are fully integrated into the plan?

Making disciples of Jesus is the greatest cause on earth. Then how should we equip people to do it? Order copies of this book. Gather a planning team. Read it together. Build a strategy. Make disciples!

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