Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School

My upcoming book, Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School, is set to release on May 1 but can be pre-ordered now. What does a book about Sunday School have to do with discipleship? Sunday School and small groups are a natural part of a church’s discipleship strategy. We should strive to lead our groups to be as effective as possible in making disciples.

Disciple-Making Encounters

I believe there are some shifts in our preparation, presentation, and continuation that can turn our group time into God-encountering, life-changing, disciple-making experiences. Sometimes teacher preparation for Sunday School becomes monotonous and routine. But when you open God’s Word and encounter Him in personal Bible study, your life as a teacher is radically changed.

That first encounter with God prepares you and transforms your presentation from a predictable lesson to a facilitator-led, revolutionary, classroom encounter with God. Your purpose and your passion shifts to leading your group to meet God and be inspired and changed by an encounter with Him in His Word.

I want to invite you to walk with me on a journey with simple but transformational steps to make a revolutionary change in Sunday School preparation and presentation. That change begins with the leader, impacts the group, and then naturally impacts our world!

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