Launch a Group, Evaluate, and Adjust

Gather a team and prayerfully put together a simple plan for discipleship. Choose materials. Set expectations. Determine goals. But don’t wait too long.

In all my conversations with leaders, two truths seem to be universal. First, every plan needs adjustment. Second, most wish they had started discipling sooner and adjusted the plan along the way.

So my overly simplistic advice is launch a group. Set a time to review the process and progress. Ask questions. What is going well? What needs improvement? And then make the adjustments needed that will lead you where you want to go.

In the words of Daniel Edmonds of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions:

Start small. Do it right. Build it strong.

Lead your disciples to multiply by starting their own groups. Keep in mind that they will do what you did or less. So never cut corners. Always teach them to do things the right way. Learn. Practice. Multiply.

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