Critical Questions for Application, Part 1


When we as disciples or as disciple-makers open God’s Word, there are some critical questions that need to be answered. Some have to do more with understanding the background, customs, word meanings, and context. Better understanding helps us prepare for appropriate application.

Critical Questions

The six questions in this post help us take that understanding and apply it to our lives. Consider these critical questions:

  • What was the point/message/truth? What was the message to the original hearers? Clarify the response God in His Word desired from those involved in the passage?
  • How does that point apply to life today? Understanding today’s context helps God’s Word to shine into current situations and life.
  • What point is God making to me? Clarify what God saying to you? What truth is he making known to you? As you listen, what message does He want you to understand?
  • What response does God expect as a result of this encounter with Him in His Word? When we meet God in Bible study, we are never the same. He expects a response.
  • Am I willing to do what He expects? This is about agreement and commitment. To say yes but not do what He expects is a lie and is sin.
  • How will I keep my commitment to do what He expects? This is about a plan to respond to His expectations. How will you obey Him?

What questions would you add to this list? Which of these questions do you habitually ignore? What can you do to improve your application this year?

In Part 2, I will address follow up questions that ensure we move to obedience in response to God in His Word. Too often discipleship and disciple-making fails to follow up and the result is failure to obey. Be a disciple. Make disciples!

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