Peer Discipling: Can It Work?

Discipling usually involves a person farther along as a disciple who is investing in a seeker, a new Christian, or someone younger in the faith. Peer discipling, on the other hand, tends to involve two or more Christians who are at similar places on their spiritual journey.

Can it work?

My simple answer is that successful peer discipling depends on three things:

  • Will one take the lead? King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a noble idea, but someone usually needs to communicate and take the lead.
  • Are both (or all) strongly committed? Weak commitment will often lead to discipling fizzle.
  • Do both (or all) believe in the strategy? The right strategy can lead to disciple growth even among peers.

Peer Discipling Ideas

There are many great materials and strategies for discipling. The point here is how to make the most out of a peer discipling opportunity. Trying not to overcomplicate the process, consider the following:

  1. Schedule the rotation of leaders. Alternate leadership each month. Weekly change is likely too often.
  2. Make a simple list of leader duties: meeting reminders, session leadership, etc.
  3. Agree on materials and strategy at the start.
  4. Agree on a target session length, meeting time, and when discipling will end.
  5. Discuss interactions away from discipling sessions.
  6. Discuss the goal of discipling others at the conclusion of this time together.
  7. Develop a discipling covenant together.

Peer discipling can work. But without intentionality at the start, it can also fizzle fast. While it will likely not be your long term strategy, it can be a method used to get peers started in “making disciples of all nations.” Pray and allow God to use you!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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