What Is Your Preferred Prayer Posture?

I read a great article by Alex and Stephen Kendrick entitled 8 Powerful Displays of Prayer in the Bible. I want to encourage you to read the entire article. There the Kendricks say this about prayer:

Is it necessary to bow when we pray? Should we lift our hands and kneel?

The answer is simple: prayer is not dependent on body positions. 

Augmenting that statement, they emphasize that some postures have the potential to “intensify our praying.” Here are the eight postures shared in their article:

  1. bowing
  2. kneeling
  3. lying postrate
  4. lifted hands
  5. lifted eyes
  6. silence
  7. lifted voices
  8. crying out.

Which of these are you favorites? Why? Leave a Reply below.

Prayer Posture

Recently I have been reading a great book on prayer: Praying with Eyes Wide Open by Sherry and Kevin Harney. The book has reminded me of how narrow I have made my practice of prayer. Recently I have stretched myself to try praying in ways out of my habit or pattern (especially with my eyes open), and doing so has brought freshness to my praying. The result has been more heartfelt prayer in response to what is going on around me in the world.

So my challenge to you is to pick out a prayer posture that is outside your usual posture(s). Give it a try for three weeks. Allow it to become a new habit (so it becomes more comfortable). Keep your relationship fresh with our Lord. Be a disciple. Make disciples!

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