Marks of an Assimilated Person

How can we know when a person is properly assimilated into a church? How does an assimilated person look? How does he act? What does he do? Charles and Win Arn provide the following helpful list called, Nine Marks of an Assimilated Person:

  1. Identifies with the goals of the church.
  2. Attends worship regularly.
  3. Experiences spiritual growth.
  4. Becomes a member of the body.
  5. Has 5-10 new friends in the church.
  6. Has a role or task that matches spiritual giftedness.
  7. Involved in meaningful fellowship in a small group.
  8. Regularly tithes to the church.
  9. Spreads the Good News to friends and family.

As I think back over my years as a pastor, this list matches my experience. The members of the churches where I pastored, who displayed these nines marks, stayed connected to the church. Even those who joined during my tenure, stayed after my departure, because they had been assimilated.

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