Disciple-Making Brainstorming

Brainstorming brings collective intelligence and synergy to bear upon needs, problems, planning, and conversation. In order to identify needs in your church disciple-making, gather a group of key leaders for brainstorming. Ask them these questions and record their responses.

  1. What current church programs, activities, and events contribute toward disciple-making? What do they contribute? Be honest and specific.
  2. What can an individual disciple do to grow more like Jesus? What can impact him/her spiritually, socially, mentally, and behaviorally?
  3. Of the reponses from #2, which current church programs, activities, and events are helping to strengthen that impact?
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses? Are there duplications? Are there gaps/needs?
  5. What could be done to help disciples continue to make spiritual progress?

It naturally would help to have a common definition of discipling, disciple-making, and discipleship. A biblical framework is also needed to undergird the above conversation. What questions would you add to the discussion? Press Comments and share you thoughts.

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