Disciple-Making Decisions

What decisions need to be made in your disciple-making strategy? As you put together your personal or church plan to make disciples, allow me to offer some questions for you to consider:

  • Group size. What size(s) will you include? Content delivery is possible in large groups, but disciple-making is nearly always accomplished in smallest groups:  one-on-one, one-on-two, one-on three, etc. Small groups and Sunday School classes can also contribute to the process of disciple-making. Think strategically about using group sizes.
  • Relationships. How can you encourage relationship-formation to encourage disciples to remain involved in the process?
  • Schedule. When is the ideal time and duration for each major element of the process you envision? If they cannot be there, it is a poor time–even if it is ideal for you. And some steps and practices of the disciple-making process, take time. Don’t unduly rush but don’t drag things out either.
  • Multiplication. The process should be able to be reproduced. If it is too complicated, reproduction will be limited.
  • Goals. What are you trying to accomplish? What changes do you desire to see? What knowledge do you want gained? What practices/behaviors do you want to be understood and learned?
  • Materials. What resources (books, articles, handouts, etc.) will you use in the process? When possible, think low-cost to avoid multiplication issues with those who may not be able to afford the materials.
  • Simple. Think simple. Make the process easy to understand and the steps easy to follow. The more complicated the process and the more steps involved, the harder it will be for multiplication. Help everyone to be able to complete the process.

What would you add to these ideas? Share your thoughts. Make disciples. For more ideas, check out these blog posts:

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