Prayer Discipling: Are You Intentional?

Prayer is vital for our personal growth as disciples. It is likewise vital in our disciple-making. But let me say that the two are very closely connected. The disciple-maker who seldom prays will often neglect prayer when discipling others. Take time for personal evaluation related to this issue now!

Prayer Discipling Ideas

  • Teach them about prayer using scripture: 2 Chronicles 6, Psalm 51, Matthew 6, John 17, etc. Teach them about prayer methods: ACTS, the prayer hand, Lord’s Prayer, etc.
  • Practice together. Don’t just learn “about” prayer, but do it together! Model it. Keep it simple. Then ask your disciple to do it, and affirm his/her efforts.
  • Assign prayer, and give homework. For instance, assign a prayer journal. Ask them to write down date, requests, the prayer, and any results of prayer, and praise.
  • Prayer events. There can be hundreds of examples here. Provide a prayer devotional guide. Ask them to walk a Labyrinth with a written prayer guide. Require them to participate in a silent retreat or a prayer retreat.
  • Debrief all prayer lessons, experiences, homework, and events together.

You might work these ideas into your discipling efforts over the months. Bible study and prayer are essential disciple-making skills about which disciples should gain confidence and competence during your time together. These experiences should be meaningful, simple, and reproducible. If not, your disciples will not pass them along.

Other Simple Prayer Ideas

What other prayer materials, methods, or experiences have you used as a disciple or as a disciple-maker? How did they help you? Share them to help readers understand the value and method of the prayer ideas you experienced.

As I mentioned at the beginning. I invite you to evaluate your personal prayer practice. Then spend time praying about your own prayer life before you invest in your disciple. Don’t just study. Practice praying. Together. Be a praying disciple. Make praying disciples!

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