Metrics: How Do You Measure Disciple-Making?

I am currently reading Disciple Making Metrics, by Dann Spader. This free ebook is available at and has been one of their most downloaded resources. In the book, Dann shares four major metrics (measures) of disciple-making: conversions, service, reproduction, and multiplication.

To keep things simple and focused, Dann includes two pointed questions for each of the four metrics:

  • Conversion: What is your conversion growth rate for last year? How many led someone to Christ for the first time last year?
  • Service: What percentage of your people are involved in service? What percentage of these are engaged in “peer-to-peer” care?
  • Reproduction: What percentage of your people have led a friend to Christ or played a key role in someone coming to Christ? How many are personally following up with the new believers in the basic concepts of “Identity, Walk, Talk, Feed, and Cleansed Life”?
  • Multiplication: How many in your ministry have spiritual grandchildren? How many of these people have three to four generations of children?

The second questions for service, reproduction, and multiplication may require further explanation from downloading the free ebook: Disciple Making Metrics. Dan raises the important need for serious evaluation by all of us. The questions will help you examine the fruit of your disciple-making efforts and system.

In addition to further explanation, he offers a “Living Like Jesus” Scorecard, a simple tool for disciple-making, case studies, and more. The whole ebook is only 54 pages. It is an easy but important read. Take the time to download and read Disciple Making Metrics as you evaluate your personal disciple-making efforts and the efforts of your church.

Gather your disciple-making team. Pray together. Read and discuss this book. Assess your disciple-making. Be disciples. Make disciples.

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