One-Day Disciple-Making Workshop


Within a few weeks, dozens across Kentucky (and beyond) will be trained to lead One-Day “Disciple-Making Workshops.” Those who will be trained are disciple-making practitioners who have been enlisted to provide workshops in their area. I want to invite you to pray for the leaders of the training, those who will be trained (trainers), and those trained by the trainers. Pray that lives will be changed, disciples and disciple-makers made, and a movement started!

Disciple-making is a critical need need in churches across the state and beyond. Many Christians fail to become the disciple-makers because no one invested in them. This unhealthy situation must stop.

I cannot share more details yet, but prayer is needed. If you are interested in having a Disciple-Making Workshop in your association, contact me. I will put your name and association on a list to contact after the upcoming training event. My prayer is that the movement begins in me…and you!

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