New Year’s Commitment to Growth and Discipleship

The beginning of each new year is an opportunity to start things, to start over, to start again. It can be a time of commitments and resolutions, a time of review and desire to improve.

At minimum, the Christian should stop to reflect on what God has done in the previous twelve months. This should bring appreciation to our minds, hearts, and lips. Expressions of thankfulness are natural in prayer as well as in conversation with people in our lives.

While attention may be focused upon physical, relational, mental, and life needs and goals, the new year is also an opportunity to consider spiritual, discipleship, and disciple-making goals. What are some questions to consider in these areas as the new year approaches? Consider the following:

  • On which fruit of the Spirit could I grow to be more like Jesus?
  • Toward which person(s) could I be more loving?
  • In which new Christian could I invest and encourage?
  • Which family member, neighbor, or friend could mentor me? (or could I mentor?)
  • What books would help me advance my spiritual goals, plans, and passions?
  • What mission or ministry project could I undertake or lead?
  • For what people, people group, or purpose could I pray?
  • Where and with whom could I serve as a chaplain for spiritual support?
  • What is my Bible reading and study plan?

What additional questions come to your mind as you read these questions? Did one resonate deeply with you as you read the list? I encourage you to write down your plans. Share them with a friend. Encourage each other to grow this year. Make disciples!

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