Holy Spirit POWER in Discipleship

In Appendix 2 of Dann Spader’s book, 4 Chair Discipling, Dann shares five phases of Jesus’ ministry and their implications for ministry (and discipleship) leadership. The five phases include

  • Phase 1:  Preparation Period
  • Phase 2:  Ministry Foundations
  • Phase 3:  Ministry Training
  • Phase 4:  Multiplied Outreach
  • Phase 5:  Movement Expansion.

In Phase 2, Dann describes six foundational priorities established by Jesus (they were discussed even more extensively in chapter 2 of the book). He describes these six priorities as Holy Spirit POWER:

  • Holy Spirit
  • Prayer
  • Obedience
  • the Word
  • Exalting the Father
  • Relationships.

If we are to follow Jesus’ example in discipleship, our priorities must include these as well. Which one needs to be strengthened in your strategy? Dann will be doing some training in Kentucky on April 20. Get his book. Watch here for more details. For more ideas about disciple-making, check out these posts:

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