9/11, John Hopkins, and a Deacon

As we look back 10 years to 9/11 all of us remember where we were and exactly what we were doing on that dreadful day. It was a day that changed all of us in many ways. Even the numbers 9/11 denote a day that causes us to explode with emotions. Where were you on that day?

My wife, Kathy and I had flown into Baltimore, Maryland in order to have her evaluated concerning a physical condition that had drastically impacted her life. We had been there for a few days and were ready to check out of the hotel that morning. As I was at the counter to pay our bill I looked up on the wall mounted TV and saw a plane crash into one of the twin towers. The hotel clerk and I looked in astonishment as we witnessed this tragic event. Immediately Baltimore was shut down along with the airport and every other form of transportation. We were stuck for three more days in Baltimore glued to the television. We prayed for a rental car to get us back home but nothing was available.

It was a scary time for our nation and not being able to be home with our young son and the church where I served as pastor was really difficult. After three days one of my deacons called me and said, “God told me to go get our Shepherd so I’m coming to get you.” He drove all the way from central Kentucky to Baltimore, picked us up and then drove us back home in his father in-law’s Mercedes. I had never ridden in a Mercedes but to be honest I would not have cared if it had been a beat up Ford Pinto. (Ok google Pinto for you young dudes.) Now that is what a deacon should do. Meet the needs of people in the name of Jesus. We were very thankful for the kindness shown to us by Deacon David.

Another thing that this renowned research hospital taught us was very interesting. They did various tests on my wife to determine the cause of her problem. One of the tests purposely put her under great duress, stress and pain. Before conducting this test they said something to us we later thought was amazing. The doctor said that this procedure would cause much stress in my wife and he asked her not to do something before or during the procedure. He said,

If you don’t mind please don’t pray while we do this test because that will affect our results and what the test is designed to do.

Think about that for a minute. One of the most renowned medical clinics in the world asked my wife not to pray because their experience had been that it changed the results of their test! Do you find it somewhat ironic that this secular research clinic believes in the power of prayer but it seems as if the church does not! Put another way, believers don’t really believe in prayer because we do so little of it. What would happen if we really prayed for revival in America and around the world, even in the very nations that are hostile to us? There were lots of prayers being offered ten years ago. Let’s not stop praying.

We will never forget 9/11, our experience in Baltimore, or the power of prayer.

Keep the Son in Your Eyes,

Mike James



  1. Thanks David. My how time flies. Thanks again for your all your help! Blessings on your family.

  2. God is good all the time! It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years. I love you.

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