Will You Make Disciples During the Holidays?

Nearly any excuse to make disciples is a good one. Why not take advantage of holidays and special days to help people take a step toward a relationship with Jesus or a step toward becoming a more mature disciple of Jesus?

I tend to use holidays to refer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. I especially mean Christmas. And special days could refer to any national or religious holiday: president’s day, Martin Luther King Junior day, St. Patrick’s day, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, and more.

Disciple-making Ideas for the Holidays

Allow the following ideas to spark your creativity for disciple-making during the holidays:

  • go shopping together (masked and safely distanced) with a lost person or a disciple,
  • eat a meal together, listen for teachable moments, and talk about Jesus, life, and the Bible,
  • send a Christmas card with a message and a helpful scripture verse written out,
  • share prayer requests and pray together with him or her,
  • make Christmas cookies to encourage a special group.
  • call and listen for opportunities to encourage and share how Jesus helps you walk through stressful and challenging holidays,
  • study the Christmas story from the Gospels together in person or online,
  • invite him or her to a social gathering of your Sunday School class or small group,
  • invite him or her to help with a project for a needy person or group,
  • ask a believer to go with you to take cookies, gifts, or service invitations to the community,
  • ask a believer to help you prepare for an upcoming Sunday School or small group Bible study session about Jesus’ birth,
  • show a believer how to lead a family member to Christ as the best Christmas present ever.

Other Ideas

These are only a few ideas you might consider. What would you add? Think about those who need Jesus and about those who need to walk more closely with Him. Think about friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors. Make plans now. Spend time together. Share Jesus and His love. Make disciples!

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

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