Which Is Better: 1-on-1, D-Group, or Small Group?

After nearly 2000 years, churches still have work to do on their discipleship strategy. Many churches today have no strategy. Or if they have a strategy, it is simply come and choose from what we have to offer. The problem there too often is the lack of intentional development.

On the other hand, churches with a strategy tend to be led by individuals who have tried something that worked for them. Frequently they are champions of a discipleship method that is one-0n-one, d-group, accountability group, or small group. From that method, a plan is put together for more involvement in that method.

But which is better? Is one approach or method better? Yes! Each of these methods is better than doing nothing! If you are doing nothing, pray and personally pilot a method for six months. Practice. Evaluate. Adjust. Improve. Learn with your disciple(s).

Keep your group focused on learning to be disciples of Jesus and on God’s Word. Add easily reproducible structure and methodology. Too complicated means people the method will not be passed on to the next disciple(s).

Then build a strategy leading to and from your method. How do you get people into groups? Are there actions or steps that should happen before or during group involvement (such as a new member class, etc.)? What do you want your disciple(s) to do as a result of or after your group experience? Will they serve, share Jesus, lead another group, etc.?

If you have no strategy, neither will anyone else. If you choose no method, others will likely do nothing. If you do not lead by example, likely no one will follow. Take a risk. Start discipling. Build a strategy. Lead. Make disciples!

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