What-Does-the-Bible-Say Discipleship

You are having a conversation with another Christian. He says, “My boss expects me to lie to my customers. I don’t know what to do.” The conversation is a teachable moment, a discipleship opportunity.

What if you seriously asked, “What does the Bible say?” What if you sent him home to study on his own before your next conversation where you will listen to what he discovered? (He might need some guidance of where to start.) And then what if the two of you considered relevant scripture verses and passages together?

Do you believe the Bible is relevant for all of life situations? Do you believe daily prayer and Bible study are essential for navigating decisions and demands of life? Then we cannot lead them to wait on us. We must teach them to feed themselves. We must teach them how to plumb the relevance of God’s Word for their lives.

This may take some initial guidance but is well worth the time invested. Ideally some of these skills will be taught in Sunday School as well. But conversation often leads us to see needs and gives opportunity to disciple “as we are going.” Listen. Ask them what the Bible says. Guide. Pray. Celebrate biblical understanding and application.

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