Ten Disciple-Making Questions for Churches

On churchleaders.com, Bobby Harrington asks ten disciple-making questions for churches in an article entitled 10 Disciple-Making Questions You Need to Ask. I encourage you to read the entire article. Many good questions are in his list:

  1. How does our church define discipleship?
  2. What does a disciple look like?
  3. Do we have an intentional process of discipleship?
  4. Does our church know this process?
  5. How does this process relate to the purpose of the church?
  6. Has our church prioritized distinct practices that relate to the discipleship process?
  7. Does our church practice the principle of abandonment based on the idea that activity doesn’t always mean productivity?
  8. How does our church measure maturity?
  9. How does our community describe our church?
  10. Do our church families spend more planned time in a week at church with each other or in the community with non-believers?

Gather a team to start the conversation, assessment, and planning. Pray. Start small. Make disciples!

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