Personal Discipleship as Conversation with God

Read the Psalms, and you will realize that David had a very honest relationship with God. He expressed the full range of his emotions. When he was sad, afraid, or angry, he told God. When he was thankful or happy, he expressed it.

At the same time, David asked questions and made requests, and he was expectant of a response. In fact, he expressed appreciation for some of those responses. Sometimes his questions were honest and personal. He was not afraid that God would be offended.

Conversation with God

You see, David believed in, served, and talked with a big God. At the same time, David believed that God cared about him and was involved in the affairs of this world. God was not transcendent–far off. For David, God was immanent–near.

That nearness speaks of a daily relationship and communication. This man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14) was not perfect (see 2 Samuel 11), but it is obvious from scripture that the two (David and God) had spent a lot of time together. Even when David sinned, he repented and sought God–rather than turning away.

What can we learn from David’s example? Consider the following:

  • keep your eyes open and praise God for His handiwork (Psalms 8);
  • read God’s Word, listen to His voice, and follow His path (Psalm 119);
  • recognize the many ways He cares for you (Psalm 23:1-3);
  • understand He wants a relationship even when you have sinned (Psalm 51);
  • express your emotions honestly with God (Psalm 6);
  • realize God desires a relationship now and eternally (Psalm 23:4-6);
  • and so much more.

Keep in mind that conversation is more than listening and talking. It involves seeking to understand the person and what he/she is communicating. God understands you, but it will take work for you to understand Him fully and His Word, will, and ways. That is why meditating on scripture and life is so helpful. Reflect for deeper understanding. But even when you don’t understand everything, talk to Him.

Open His Word and listen. Look at creation and worship the Creator. Seek to understand Him and what He says. Respond to what you see, experience, and hear. Seek to obey Him in all you do. Grow as a disciple as you converse with Him. Teach others to do the same. Make disciples!

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