The Leader Is the Lesson

People are watching–those in the church and in the world–whether we like it or not. Our lives speak more loudly than our words. If we want to lead our disciples anywhere, our example matters.

If we want our disciples to be transparent and honest, we cannot appear to be perfect. If we want to lead our disciples to make friends in the world and lead them to Christ, words are not enough. Disciples are looking and listening for evidence that we are doing the same.

You Are The Lesson

When you invest in your disciple, think about how you can demonstrate the truth and habits of Jesus. How can you show them what you are talking about? How can you lead them to practice the difference? What life assignment can you give them to check on their understanding?

Whatever you ask from them, you need to be able to share about and show them your efforts. One of the best ways to demonstrate is to take them with you to gain first-hand experiences. There is encouragement and accountability in learning and serving together. Study God’s Word together. Pray together. Visit together. Plan and lead together. Serve together.

In all your efforts, keep in mind that the leader is the lesson. If you have questions about this, think about Jesus! For more ideas about discipling others, check out these posts:

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