Never Discipled Does not Mean You Can Never Disciple

The majority of Christians and even pastors have never been discipled by anyone. Satan uses that fact to discourage disciple-making. We develop a Moses complex. When we have never been discipled, we believe we cannot speak, lead, or be used to disciple others.

Stop believing the lie. Just do it! Ask God to lead you to one or more individuals. Choose materials, a plan, or a strategy. Make sure it is strongly biblically based. Establish a covenant/mutual commitment to expectations, including frequency, length of meetings, duration, confidentiality, and content/direction.

Don’t overthink it or complicate it. Just do it! Walk together as disciples through the ups and downs of life. Look for God and His direction along the path. Encourage and pray for one another.

In order to break the lie, action must be taken. Will our first efforts be perfect. Not likely. We all learn from our experiences–good and bad. Just do it! Get started.

Be a learner. Periodically stop to evaluate. Write down reflections on your efforts at discipling. How were you surprised? What has gone well? What would you do differently next time?

Periodically ask your disciple how things are going. What did he/she expect before you began? How has the time compared to those expectations? What has he/she learned? What has been the best parts? What does he/she hope will yet be done?

Don’t forget to help your disciple understand there is a next step. Lead him/her to pray for and identify someone to disciple. Encourage the establishing of this disciple-making relationship while you are still discipling him/her. This one act encourages multiplication of disciples.

Never been discipled? Stop letting that fact cripple you. Just do it!

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