Encouraging Disciple-Making Questions

Accountability is part of many disciple-making relationships. Too often people dread and avoid accountability. Accountability, however, does not have to be negative. It can be encouraging and positive. Instead of focusing on “if you failed,” the focus can be on “how you took a step forward.”

Consider these questions which can stretch us but offer opportunities to be more encouraging:

  • BIBLE STUDY. What did God teach you this week? What did you learn about God in your Bible study this week? What did you learn about yourself during Bible study this week?
  • PRAYER. What did you learn about prayer this week? What did you tell God this week in prayer? How were you honest with God in prayer this week?
  • COMMITMENT. During Bible study and prayer this week, what promises or commitments did you make to God? What steps can you take to keep those promises?
  • OBEDIENCE. How did the Bible live in me this week? When facing a decision this week, describe a time when you chose God’s way. How did God help you to obey Him this week?

Please don’t hear me saying that we should avoid confronting hurts, habits, and hangups (see Celebrate Recovery). Sometimes we can be hurt by refusing to let go (think Lot’s wife in Genesis 19). But at the same time, we need a goal in order to avoid destruction (God wanted Lot and family out of Sodom before destruction so He gave them a goal to head toward). The questions above help to paint that picture of our goal.

What positive and encouraging questions would you add? Press Comments and share them. Encourage one another along this discipleship journey. Be a disciple. Make disciples!

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