Discipling Teens

Youth specialist Joe Ball shares with Mike James how we as leaders and parents can be more effective in impacting our students to become disciples.  We must reach this generation for Christ!


  1. Thanks Patricia for you kinds words. By all means use this in your newsletter with my blessings.
    Yours in Christ,
    Mike James

  2. Patricia D. Lawson

    I really appreciated your letter re: Reading Your Own Obituary. It really made me think
    about it..of course I do quite often. My husband and I are planning our Obituaries and what
    we want done during our death. It would help our children so much, when that time does

    I am a volunteer Secretary at Deep Creek Baptist Church in Mercer County. Thanks again for the laugh, plus the truth to be told. I may use it in my next Newsletter, if that is ok with you.

    Again Thanks for the fun.

    Patricia D. Lawson

  3. You are right. Our obedience shows if we really love the Lord. Thanks!

  4. With Christ nothing is impossible! If someone has a strong belief they won’t do anything to contradict their belief. For Christians, if we are dedicated to the word of God we won’t become violent and disobey his orders. Discipline is necessary for an individual.

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