Discipleship Through Church Ministry and Programs

What if every church ministry and program…

  • was required to advance individual and/or corporate discipleship and disciple-making?
  • was required to show how it will do so before it could be calendared?
  • was required to show (measure and report) how participants acted, ministered to others, or invited/shared Jesus differently as a result?

In other words, what if every church ministry and program was planned, conducted, and measured according to its discipleship and disciple-making impact? What if we did this for worship? What if we did this for youth ministry? What if we did this for Sunday School? What if we did this for music, women’s ministry, VBS, basketball, missions, and all other church programs, events, and ministries?

How would doing so improve our focus and effectiveness in discipleship and disciple-making? How would doing so help the church in carrying out the Great Commission (make disciples of all nations)?

Think through these questions and share your thoughts or concerns (press Comments)? The church has a mission. The church is struggling with that mission. Could part of the problem be that the church is busy doing things (1) that are not part of the mission and (2) that are not effectively contributing toward the mission?

How can we address this reality? How could the three questions above help? Are there any dangers? I look forward to hearing from you. Make disciples!

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