Disciple-Making Encounters Releases Today

My book, Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School, released today. What does a book about Sunday School have to do with discipleship? Sunday School and small groups are a natural part of a church’s discipleship strategy. We should strive to lead our groups to be as effective as possible in making disciples.

I believe there are some shifts in our preparation, presentation, and continuation that can turn our group time into God-encountering, life-changing, disciple-making experiences. Sometimes teacher preparation for Sunday School becomes monotonous and routine. But when you open God’s Word and encounter Him in personal Bible study, your life as a teacher is radically changed.

That first encounter with God prepares you and transforms your presentation from a predictable lesson to a facilitator-led, revolutionary, classroom encounter with God. Your purpose and your passion shifts to leading your group to meet God and be inspired and changed by an encounter with Him in His Word.

Get copies for your Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, and discipleship group leaders. Assign chapters. Get together for discussion. Plan practice sessions for adjustments needed. Watch as God changes the group leader, group members, and beyond!

PURCHASE THE BOOK. Order your print copy for $8.00 plus shipping at https//www.kybaptist.org/encounters. Or order Kindle versions from Amazon for $3.99: https://www.amazon.com/Darryl-Wilson/e/B001KE7GBG. To place a discounted large order, contact Jeremiah Zeiset at Aneko Press at [email protected].

May God use the book to impact the world! Make disciples!

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