Characteristics of a Maturing Disciple

I know life is fast-paced, and you were looking for a quick, relevant read. But I want to challenge you to STOP and make a list of the characteristics you would expect to find in a maturing disciple. What would the evidence in heart (passion), hand (action), and head (attitude) look like?


After you make your list, look through the following actions, practices, or evidence. What would you add to this list, leave out, or state differently? Consider these practices:

  • salvation
  • membership with the body of Christ (a church)
  • regular participation in private and corporate worship (favor with God)
  • growing relationships (favor with man)
  • regular involvement in Sunday School or small group (learning and practicing together to think, believe, and act like Jesus)
  • daily quiet time (prayer and intake of God’s Word)
  • serving the body using spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, passion, and experiences (expressions of leadership as appropriate)
  • tithing, giving, and stewardship
  • sharing, meeting the needs of others
  • witnessing, sharing Jesus and what He has done/is doing
  • multiplication: discipling family, friends, and others.

While this is far from a complete list of characteristics, it is a healthy start. What would you add, subtract, or adjust? How are you communicating, supporting, and encouraging movement of disciples in the direction toward these practices of maturing disciples? With no target or intentionality, there will likely be no progress. Take one step this week! Make disciples!

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