Jesus as Disciple-Maker, Part 1

From the beginning, I want to be clear that what follows are some of my observations of the biblical account of the disciple-making example of Jesus. I am not attempting an exhaustive treatment–though the thought of writing that book sounds enticing.

Before plunging in, I want to invite you to press Comments and list 4-6 descriptors of how Jesus made disciples. Share scripture references if those come to your mind.

What did you list?

I expect my list to stretch out beyond this post. I will share 5 disciple-making attributes of Jesus in Part 1. Consider the following:

  • PRAYERFUL. Jesus spent extended time in prayer before launching his disciple-making ministry. He prayed all night before calling his disciples. He prayed with them and for them. He modeled prayer.
  • SELECTIVE. He did not make a public announcement inviting all who were interested to come to an information meeting. Instead, He called the disciples by name. He had observed them and was led to them following prayer.
  • BIBLICAL. Jesus knew scripture. He connected scripture to life. He responded to questions and situations with scripture. The answers to daily and eternal life questions and concerns could be found in God’s Word.
  • VISIONARY. Jesus gave them a picture of the process and end result: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” He was a storyteller who connected life object lessons with spiritual realities and potential. He pushed them to see beyond the surface. He raised expectations and hopes.
  • STRETCHING. Jesus asked questions, lots of questions. Sometimes he even asked questions in response to questions. He was a great teacher who wanted His disciples to think fresh, deeply, and beyond traditional responses.

What would you add? How do your efforts reflect His attributes? Follow Jesus and His disciple-making example. Make disciples!

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