Jesus as Disciple-Maker, Part 2

I mentioned in Part 1 that what follows are some of my observations of the biblical account of the disciple-making example of Jesus. I am not attempting an exhaustive treatment.

STOP. At the beginning of Part 1, I invited you to press Comments and list 4-6 descriptors of how Jesus made disciples. I want to invite you to do so again. Broaden your list. Share scripture references if those come to your mind.

What did you list?

ATTRIBUTES. In Part 1, I shared these five disciple-making attributes of Jesus: prayerful, selective, biblical, visionary, and stretching. In Part 2, I will share 5 additional disciple-making attributes of Jesus. Consider the following:

  • TOGETHER. Jesus spent time with the disciples. He walked and talked with them. He ate with them. He asked and answered questions. They observed, listened, and did life together. He spent time with the group, subgroups (eg. Peter, James, and John), and individuals. Together reduces potential disparity between your ministry self and your private self.
  • EXAMPLE. Jesus spent time with God in Bible study and prayer. He went to the Temple and synagogue. His disposition on the Law was not to do the minimum required (Matthew 5:17ff). He came to fulfill the intent of the Law. His teaching, life, and example all showed obedience.
  • COMMUNAL. Not only did Jesus do life together with the disciples, He also sent them out together (Mark 6:7). Jesus sent Peter and John to prepare the Passover meal. There is strength and encouragement in doing life and ministry together. Disciple-making is not a solo sport.
  • ACCOUNTABLE. Jesus sent the disciples out to do what He had been doing. Then He called them together for a report (Mark 6:30). There is much celebration and learning that comes from times of sharing. Jesus reported to the Father. When is your report time?
  • MULTIPLYING. The 12 disciples were not the end result. Jesus sent them out to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Disciple-making bears fruit in disciples who make disciples. If our disciple-making efforts are too unimportant or complicated to multiply, something is wrong!

I could list many more attributes of Jesus’ disciple-making. What would you add? Leave your comments.

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