10 Final Blog Thoughts

It has been a joy to post a few blogs over the last four years about discipleship, assimilation, church growth and a few random thoughts.  Serving Kentucky Baptists has been a privilege and a great learning experience.  I am very grateful for the opportunity.  Here are ten significant thoughts I leave with you in this last blog.

  1. Healthy churches are led by healthy pastors, staff, and leaders.  Take a day off, read God’s Word for you not just to get another sermon or lesson prepared, and don’t get so focused on being busy doing God’s work that you forget why you are doing it…His Glory!
  2. The best assimilation strategy is a good discipleship strategy!  We must help new believers and new church members get connected to our churches thru relationships and serving.  This does not happen by accident.  The key word is “intentional.”
  3. Spend an equal amount of energy getting guests to return after their first visit as you do getting them there for the first time.  Statistics show that the more a person visits a church the higher the rate of salvations and joining by those folks.
  4. Closing the back door will not happen if we do not place people in small groups like…Sunday School, LIFE groups, discipleship groups, where relationships are formed.
  5. A compelling vision moves people to invest their time, talents, treasures, and testimony in the work.  Without a vision from the Lord, churches plateau and cease to be affective for the Kingdom.
  6. The Bible, not our traditions should be the primary source for not only our message but our methods of ministry.  The reason many churches are dying is because they think it is 1975 or 1989 instead of 2012 in their styles, approach, and methodology.
  7. The best pastors, staff, and DOM’s I have worked with across the state have been folks who are teachable.  When we think we know it all is when we don’t know it all.
  8. Verbalize the Gospel.  Each day seek to have some Gospel conversations with people that you meet.  We cannot expect our congregation to do what we as leaders refuse to do.  Have you noticed that people don’t get saved without someone sharing the Gospel!
  9. Don’t be a lone ranger in ministry or life.  God made us to work and live together so network with other people and other churches.  Iron sharpens iron.
  10. Lighten up!  If you know me you know I am the belly button in the body of Christ.  I like to laugh and not take myself too seriously.  As a matter of fact I think God has a sense of humor.  If you don’t believe that look in the mirror. (just kidding)  The Lord is more willing to bless us and lead us and smile upon us than we are to receive His blessings, smile, and guidance therefore trust more, worry less, and follow Christ daily.

Keep the Son in Your Eyes,

Mike James


  1. Thank you for your advice. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. I appreciate your insight; I enjoy the practical side of your blog: the information is theologically based but can be practically applied. Thanks Brother.

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