What Is A Greeter?

Every church should have top-notch greeters. I believe greeters should be in place before AND after the service. No doubt the first impression is crucial on a guest’s first visit, but the last impression is important too. That’s why it’s so important to have greeters at the doors and in the parking lots after the service as well.

What exactly do greeters do? What is their role? Well, I’m glad you asked. CrossRoads Community Church in Denver, Colorado has the following outline for their greeter ministy:

The First to Welcome!
Our greeters are the first people to welcome a new person or family to Crossroads. Why is this important? Our church can be unfamiliar and overwhelming to many who come from other churches. Just the size of the Sanctuary can be an obstacle to some. Our skills and talents as greeters, a smile and a hand shake, can make the difference in their decision to come back. We know who is bringing them through that door, but we never know what the circumstances are in that individual’s life.

The First to Guide!
Our greeters provide the first introduction for new people to the layout and services offered at Crossroads. How many churches do you know of that offer a coffee shop, book store and music store in the lobby area? Our greeters make new people feel at home and introduce them to feeling comfortable about making Crossroads their home church.

The First to Assist!
Our greeters provide the first assistance to the handicapped, people with an arm load of packages or bibles, mothers and fathers carrying infants and others who forgot where their class meets. We always leave our stations to show new people where to take their children for Sunday School or where to find more information about a subject.

The First to Answer!
Our greeters have the answers to all those questions like where is adult Sunday School, what activities are planned for youth, Jr. High and High School and where do they sign up for the women’s retreat.

The First to Introduce!
Our church is a very friendly church, but to the new people, it’s a room full of strangers. That’s where our greeters make the difference by introducing new people to a few friends, to ushers and pastors.

The First to Smile!
Our greeters have one thing in common, an infectious smile! Just this simple ability to smile shows new people that this is a fun, spirit-filled place. The smiles on our greeters face’s return prepare the heart to receive the Word by letting new people know that we are really glad they came through our doors!

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  1. I like the First part of each sentence!!

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