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What is D-Life Boot Camp? What if you could successfully equip everyone in your ministry for a life of disciple-making—anytime and anywhere? D-Life  is not a program; it’s a lifestyle. It’s an organic, intentional, and simple process to equip believers for a life of making disciples. D-Life is biblical, multigenerational, and reproducible. The Bible and the D-Life App or Journal are the tools to equip others to lead and multiply D-Groups of 3-8. See the D-Life Video link below.

The best way for a church or ministry to begin living the D-Life is equipping leaders in a Boot Camp. Boot Camp equips believers with a biblical disciple-making process modeled after Jesus using a simple disciple-making tool centered on the Bible. D-Life author and trainers, Dr. Bill and Rondie Wilks, have led D-Life training all over the country. He is featured on the D-Life Video below. Churches that equip their leaders through a Boot Camp move toward a disciple-making culture. 

The Kentucky Baptist State Convention, Corinth Baptist Church, and Life Bible Study are excited to sponsor this D-Life Boot Camp. The time and location are:

Click here to REGISTER! Please note: Registration is on the D-Life page outside of KBC’s site. 

D-Life Video

To watch a two-minute video of Bill Wilks (author and trainer) sharing about D-Life, go to this website:

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