Turn Lessons into Discipleship Experiences

In my previous post, Turn Sermons into Discipleship Experiences, I shared 11 actions you can take to grow as a disciple through worship, particularly sermons. In this post, I want to take the same approach and apply it to Sunday School lessons (or small group time). Consider these 14 simple ideas the next time your group meets:

  • Pray: Pray for your group. Pray for your leader. Pray for guests. Pray for fellowship and Bible study time. Pray for insight and growth.
  • Rest well: Give God and your group experience, your best effort by getting enough sleep. Avoid staying up late the night before.
  • Prepare: Look at the scripture, lesson, or topic which will be the focus of your group. Read. Study. Meditate. Ask yourself questions. Seek God’s insight. Come prepared to share and ask questions.
  • Be on time: Avoid rushing. Arrive early. Greet members and guests. Listen.
  • Enter expectantly: If you expect to encounter God during group time, you will be less likely miss to Him. Pray expectantly.
  • Choose the best seat: Choose wisely according to your vision, hearing, and reducing distractions. But make prime seats available for guests and late arrivers.
  • Bring your Bible: Technology is fine–as long as the technology does not tempt you toward distraction.
  • Take notes: Even when you can use a Bible app, you may find paper notes more convenient. Flipping between apps can be challenging (and distracting). Include the date and scripture reference for later review. Record the major points.
  • Listen and determine the point: What is the point of the passage/lesson? What does God expect? How does God want you to respond? Add to your lesson notes.
  • Ask God for help: Commit to be obedient. Ask for His help in carrying out a plan.
  • Choose a plan of action: Make a plan of action. Share it with a group member (accountability). Add the plan to your lesson notes.
  • Take a step: Start the plan. Keep your commitment to be obedient.
  • Review your lesson notes: After 3-4 days, check your notes to see how you are doing at carrying out the commitment to obey. Ask a group member to check in with you during the week or the next time you gather.
  • Adjust as needed: Get busy if you have not started. Ask for God’s help. Adjust the plan if needed.

Pray. Prepare. Enter expectantly. Listen. Apply. Commit. Obey. Adjust. Lead others in this direction. Make disciples!

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