Start and Result of Discipleship

START. When does discipleship begin? In the Great Commission Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples….” Going is the first step. A few may come to us but most are waiting for us to go.

I remember a night it was pouring but we went visiting for our Sunday School class anyway. We were soaked when we stood at the carport door. I knocked and a 26-year old man came to the door. After introductions, he said, “You know. I’ve known for some time that I needed Jesus.” We had not shared scripture or a plan of salvation. The Holy Spirit had been at work. We had taken the first step to discipleship by going.

Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” We cannot become fishers of men by study without practice. We spend time with Jesus, allow Him to “make us,” and are sent out to do it. Then we become fishers of men when we go.

RESULT. At the same time, the result of our discipleship will be “going” and leading others to Jesus. We will follow Him and He will make us fish for men. A sign of our discipleship will be our passion for Him and our concern for the lost. He came to seek and to save the lost. And He leads us to continue His mission.

I have seen brand new Christians who recognize what Jesus has done for them who immediately tell others. They share His passion and mission even with little knowledge or time following. Their passion is Jesus.

Why is it that many followers of Jesus struggle to fish for men? Sometimes it is a loss of the passion for Jesus and His mission. When we depend on a past relationship without keeping it fresh through time together and communication, that relationship deteriorates whether it is a marriage or our relationship with the Lord.

The start and resuslt of discipleship is “going” and leading others to Jesus. Spend time with Him. Fall in love with Him and His mission. Spend time with them. Fish for men for Him. Make disciples.

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