Spiritual Disciplines Which Help Us and Our Timothy

In my previous post, I asked for responses to a five-question survey, Quick Discipleship Tool Five Question Survey. Is it possible that spiritual disciplines that help us could help others as well? The survey has taken most participants about three minutes to complete. Would you take a moment to respond to the survey?

With only nine respondents thus far, the picture above is the first question and the responses. Those completing the survey could choose more than one answer to the question. What questions do the results bring to your mind?

I was not surprised by the top response. Everyone thus far has found prayer helpful in discipling self and others. But I was pleasantly surprised by the second result: 7 of 9 (77.8%) respondents have found scripture memorization helpful in discipling self or others.

I too have found scripture memorization helpful personally and with others. Being part of the counselors for a Billy Graham Crusade was an early experience (as a young adult) with memorizing Bible verses. Learning and teaching MasterLife helped me learn four dozen passages. A variety of evangelism tools (like Faith Sunday School Evangelism Stategy) have helped me learn some verses. Simply reading, meditating on, teaching, preaching, and story telling the Bible have helped me to learn many others.

Many of these experiences involved someone discipling me–holding me accountable to learn the verses. They were friends and encouragers. There was often mutual accountability. What spiritual disciplines are you using with yourself or with your Timothy to encourage spiritual growth, maturity, and progress? Leave a reply below, and don’t forget to complete the survey, Quick Discipleship Tool Five Question Survey. Thanks, in advance, for doing so!

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