Scratching an Itch: What Discipleship Tips Would Help You Most?

In carrying out his responsibilities of discipleship and assimilation, 28Nineteen was begun by Steve Rice back in 2008. He contributed 101 posts. After Steve was called as Pastor of First Baptist Church, Shelbyville, KY, Mike James carried on the focus of discipleship and assimilation and continued contributing 158 posts to the blog. With Mike’s call to serve Judson Baptist Church, Nashville, TN, I inherited responsibility for discipleship and this blog. This is my 26th post.

While I have lots of ideas and experiences to share, the best help scratches a real itch. In other words, I want this blog to meet your real needs. I want to address your questions and concerns.

In order to do that, I need your input. Where do you most need help? On what questions are you seeking answers, direction, and input? What thinking, writing, and sharing could I offer to help you make progress?

In order to get your thinking started, consider these possible blog topics. Feel free to respond with topics from the list or offer even more specific ideas, situations, questions, or concerns. Here are some starter topics for tips, ideas, and practices:

  • personal discipleship,
  • discipleship application,
  • personal discipleship evaluation,
  • discipling others,
  • focusing on essential doctrines,
  • establishing a Christian worldview and Christian ethics,
  • church discipleship ministry,
  • enlisting a church discipleship team,
  • church discipleship evaluation,
  • spiritual disciplines,
  • spiritual growth experiences,
  • new church members,
  • new Christians,
  • assimilation of new members/new Christians,
  • quiet times,
  • focus/intentionality,
  • spiritual maturity stages,
  • multiplying disciple-makers,
  • discovering spiritual gifts, passions, and abilities to use in service,
  • mobilizing believers into service,
  • leadership development, and
  • resources.

The list could go on and on. Press “Leave a comment” below to share with me what would help you most. From your responses, I would like to put together a list of topics to share in the year ahead.

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