Review: Do You Need a Discipleship Mentor?

Would you like to grow as a disciple and disciplemaker? Would you benefit from encouragement and challenge? Are you going through a period of time where you are not growing as much? Then you might benefit from a discipleship mentor.

You may object that finding a mentor is difficult. And that is partially true. I want to suggest, however, that you may have a faulty definition of mentor. Here is what I mean: a discipleship mentor can be short term and does not have to be an expert in every aspect of discipleship to mentor you. That recognition changes everything.

Short Term Discipleship Mentor Questions

Allow these questions to stretch your thinking about how you could benefit from mentoring and the availability of mentors. Could you benefit from someone…

  • walking you through six months of encouragement related to one or more spiritual disciplines?
  • teaching you and stretching your prayer life for a few weeks or months?
  • walking you through several weeks of Bible study or scripture memorization mentoring?
  • helping you to learn and practice an evangelistic conversational tool?
  • sharing with you for six months a disciplemaking resource or app you could use to disciple others?
  • teaching you the practice of journaling for several weeks?

These questions are only the tip of the iceberg. The idea is that it is easier to find someone who can mentor you in a specific area for a shorter time period. In fact, you can likely think of someone who could benefit from you mentoring them short term in a specific area.

When you become aware of an area where you could benefit from being stretched, begin to pray for a mentor. Then keep your eyes open for the person who can help you. And listen for opportunities where you can support and encourage someone else.

Don’t wait until you discover someone who will mentor you until you die. You will likely never find someone like that. But continue to seek those who can help you to make progress as a disciple and disciplemaker. Be a disciple. Make disciples!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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