Read and Study the Bible

How does God rank in your life? I am not trying to produce guilt by the question. I am simply encouraging self-assessment. Does your investment of time, energy, and resources clearly communicate to others that He is your top priority?

If He is your priority, how much time do you spend talking with Him daily? A marriage begins to fail when there is poor or no communication. How can you follow the Lord’s leadership if you are not talking with Him?

I just finished reading a Facebook post by our nephew. Let me share a portion of what he said:

Last week was one of the toughest weeks of my life, but through all the mixed emotions and the fear of uncertainty, God used it to teach me a lesson. There are times in our lives, where we think we know that is best for us, and where we take control of our own path. We may have a feeling it isn’t right, but we think that is just fear of something new, change. We keep pushing for what we think is right, and when things get in our way, we consult man for advice, for direction. All along I had a gut feeling, telling me not to pursue what I thought was right, but I would consult others knowing I would get the encouragement I needed to keep down that path. Not one time did I consult the one that I should have.

Study the Bible

Have you been there? I want to encourage you to seek God in prayer and Bible study. Open God’s Word and listen. Seek Him daily. Seek Him in busy times and slow times. Seek Him in times of pressure and success.

Develop a daily routine for doing so. Find a time when you can seek His voice consistently. Remember to take Him with you along life’s journey. Keep in mind the prayer posture of eyes wide open (see What Is Your Preferred Prayer Posture? for more information).

Our nephew closed his post by saying:

You don’t have to go look for him. All you have to do is turn around. He is right behind you, he was always there. Just waiting for you to turn and follow him.

Our Lord is waiting. Don’t go another step without Him. Stop and turn yourself around. Walk into His arms. Listen to His voice. Be His disciple. Make disciples!

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