Is What You Are Doing Contributing to Disciple-Making?

I ask this question with full intention for it be applied in two directions. First, what are you personally doing that is contributing to disciple-making? Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all nations” applies to you and me as well as to the church as a whole. A corollary question is what are you doing that is getting in the way of making disciples.

The second way I intend this question to be applied is to your local church body. What are you doing as a church that is contributing to disciple-making. And what good things are you doing that are getting in the way of making disciples?

Where do I start?

These are hard but important questions on both fronts, but I want to encourage you to start with personal evaluation. Our personal disciple-making example either encourages or gets in the way of our church’s disciple-making. Be thorough and honest. Be courageous enough to adjust your schedule and habits to be a disciple and a a disciple-maker. Draw closer to God and lead at least one other to do the same. Be on His mission and lead at least one other to do the same. Disciple others and lead them to do the same.

Where should I look to evaluate?

The potential list is limitless. The opportunity for evaluation should be comprehensive. Consider this partial list:

  • time/schedule
  • habits
  • money/assets
  • attitudes
  • life/work opportunities
  • crises/stresses/problems
  • relationships
  • interactions/conversations
  • spiritual disciplines
  • ministry/mission opportunities
  • and so much more.

At the same time, don’t take forever to evaluate and miss the point. The point is disciple-making. Get started. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Practice and adjust when needed. If you never adjust, your disciples will struggle when they need to do so. Regularly pause to evaluate and change direction when needed. Make a difference for Jesus. Make disciples!

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