Is Solo Discipleship Possible?

I ask the title question to make you think. The question raises more questions for me about solo discipleship. There are many ways to consider what “solo” means. Consider eight of them:

  • Is it possible to grow as a disciple alone?
  • Is it possible to practice discipleship without investment by others?
  • Can someone be a disciple without investing in others?
  • Without iron sharpening iron, accountability, and someone to whom to confess, is it possible to be a disciple?
  • Is discipleship possible without cheerleaders toward obedience?
  • Disconnected from the church, is discipleship possible ?
  • Without equipping by others for works of ministry to build up the body of Christ, is there such a thing as discipleship?
  • Without correction, is it possible to be a disciple?

I can think of a dozen more questions. A mix of response is possible. Some may say “yes” to these questions. And many will offer support using the word, “but.”

The honest answer is “no.” Discipleship demands relationship. Disciples benefit from relationship with God and the body of Christ. Disciples benefit as they give and receive, as they invest in others and have others investing in them.

The essence of discipleship is disciple-making. There is no such thing as a self-made disciple. God called us to Himself through His Son, Jesus. Others invested in the disciple through the writing of the Bible. Still others invested through relationship, often in church.

Yes, too many are too busy or lazy to disciple or be discipled. Relationships take time. Disciple-making takes time. Solo is a Star Wars hero, not a discipleship hero. Be a disciple-maker.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

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