Initial Meeting with Your Timothy

In the hallway at church on Sunday, Timothy approaches you and expresses an interest in being discipled. You have not previously gotten to know Timothy. He says, “I need your help.” You agree on a time and place for a meeting. What would you include/cover in your meeting? Consider the following ideas for an initial meeting lasting 60-90 minutes:

  • get acquainted (family, work, school, recreation, and personal interests)–lay the groundwork for a genuine friendship
  • ask questions about his spiritual development, including his salvation testimony (share Jesus as needed), his involvement in church, and his daily quiet time
  • ask questions about his desire and goals for spiritual growth or progress
  • discuss the value of meeting together and mutual accountability
  • check on his schedule and availability for consistent disciple-making meetings
  • discuss what a sample weekly meeting might look like (agenda, length of time, etc.)
  • discuss possible weekly schedule adjustments which might be necessary in order to give priority to spiritual growth
  • infuse scripture throughout as would be appropriate
  • overview any books, resources, or materials you will likely use together
  • seek a commitment about going forward (talk about signing a covenant)
  • spend time praying together.

What would you add to this list of initial meeting agenda ideas? What would you do following the meeting? (I recommend sending a copy of the covenant to be signed at your next meeting. It also serves as a reminder.) Remember to pray for Timothy between your meetings. Be fully prepared when the next meeting arrives.

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