Ideal Times to Enter a Discipling Relationship

Disciples come in all shapes and sizes. Some disciples are brand new Christians. Others have been walking with Jesus for years. Some have grown spiritually very little. Others desire to grow more in a specific area, such as prayer or scripture memorization. Some have had encouragers and disciplers while others have not.

A discipler seeks God’s leadership in all things. Prayer helps to open our eyes to those around us, their need for God, and opportunities for us to encourage them along their journey. God uses simple observation during our life interactions to point out needs and open doors.

What are some approachable moments for entering into a discipling relationship? Consider this list and add to it:

  • When God is at work
  • Following a profession of faith
  • Times of crisis (death, accident, illness, etc.)
  • Times of transition (moving, marriage, new job, divorce, etc.)
  • Following the birth of children
  • Following a spiritual growth event (retreat, revival, conference, etc.)
  • Times of spiritual hunger
  • When feeling unclear about direction
  • A desire to grow in the practice of a spiritual discipline
  • The need for leadership training

What would you add to the list? Are your eyes open? Are you praying for God’s leadership in seeking discipling opportunities. They are all around us. Join God where He is at work! Make disciples!

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