How to Solve the Discipleship Tensions

Are you feeling the tensions? They are there whether you realize it or not. They impact whether and how you disciple others. You likely have a unique set of tensions, but many of these will be shared. Allow me share some of those tensions and how to solve them.

Discipleship Tensions

Below is a list of some of the tensions. Check this list and see if you are feeling any of them. I want to invite you to circle which one in each pair that you feel the most.

Which do you feel the most in the tension between…

  • relationships versus content?
  • your schedule versus your disciple’s?
  • following versus leading?
  • knowledge versus application?
  • maturing versus replicating?
  • intentions versus tiredness?
  • planning versus spontaneity?
  • Bible study versus listening to God?
  • details versus big picture?
  • quantity versus quality?
  • and many more tensions.

Please share other tensions not listed in the Comment box below the post.

How to Solve the Tensions

Some personalities struggle with tension. They run from tension or seek a way to fix or relieve it quickly. But like stress, some tensions are natural and made to be experienced. Those on the list are part of what makes discipling interesting. They are both necessary–even if we have a preference for one.

For instance, discipling involves both relationships and content. The content comes to life in a relationship with God and with our disciples. It is necessary to find a commonality of schedules between yours and your disciple’s–or discipling won’t take place. We tend to prefer following or leading, but to make disciples requires both (following Jesus and leading our disciples).

To solve the discipleship tensions is to choose to live in the tensions. Make the most of them. Avoid squashing the side of the tension you enjoy least. And help your disciples understand the tensions and the need to live in both sides. May your discipling be filled with tensions. Make disciples!

Photo by Darinka Kievskaya on Unsplash

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