Have Fun Making Disciples

Without reservation, I believe disciple-making is serious business but it should also be fun. Over the years I have witnessed how many aspects of discipling contain both: mission trips, evangelism training, Sunday School classes, small groups, discipleship courses, and even relationship-building. When serious meets fun, frequently the disciplers and the disciples bond and grow more. In fact, I want to encourage you to have fun making disciples.

Bible Games Central

Alvin Gan of www.biblegamescentral.com emailed me. He saw my blog and wondered if I would like to receive free copies of his Bible games in hope that I might review them on my blog. Because I was curious, I agreed to review them on my blog if the review was positive. Alvin’s hope is that as children (and adults) play these games, they will learn a little bit about the Bible. By the way, his website contain lots of great games for free and cost.

I asked my wife to join me in playing the games (see picture above). She and I enjoyed playing games with our sons and now enjoy playing with our grandchildren. My review offer had two perspectives in mind: using the games to disciple through parenting/grandparenting and to disciple through church programs and events.


Christmas Bingo and Memory Card Game

For ages: 6+. Playing time: 15 minutes. Players: 2-24. Bingo objective: place Bingo chips on five squares in a row (in any direction) for the images on the cards chosen. We only played the Bingo portion, but we enjoyed it. The images on the Bingo cards and on the matching cards are both biblical ones (angel, nativity, sheep, baby Jesus) and modern-day (snowman, toy, elf, Santa’s hat). Caution: the mix of biblical and modern-day images may cause some confusion among younger children. I won this one.

Bible Memory Game

For ages: 6+. Playing time: 15 minutes. Players: 2-6. Objective: match cards containing the names of and images from the 66 books of the Bible. Because of time, we chose to match only the 27 books of the New Testament. With only 2 players, it probably took the longest because of matching 54 cards into 27 pairs. The game teaches the names of the books of the Bible, and the images give clues about messages of the books. Suggestion: keep the blue and red cards separate so it is easier to remember you are matching one red with one blue. My wife won this one.

Bible Bingo

For ages: 6+. Playing time: 15 minutes. Players: 2-24. See objective above. The images on the Bingo cards and calling cards are the same ones from the Bible memory game. On the Bingo cards, they are listed in OT categories (law, history, poetry, major prophets, minor prophets) and NT categories (gospels & history, letters from Paul, general letters & prophecy). The images and the categories teach more about the Bible. I won this one.

Parable Parade Card Game

For ages: 6+. Playing time: 15 minutes. Players: 2-6. Objective: draw parable cards to form two complete parables (4 cards each), using Kingdom cards strategically and avoiding Oopsie cards. The game teaches about the 12 parables, such as the good Samaritan, lost coin, lost sheep, prodigal son, etc. After playing, participants are encouraged to retell the parable in their own words using the parable cards as a guide. Summary cards for the parables are included. This one requires both strategy and luck to win. With kids, my favorite part would be helping them tell the parables at the end. My wife won this one.

Fun Making Disciples

These games can be used to disciple children, teens, and adults. They may be useful at home, at church, or church activities. While the games are not a substitute for spiritual disciplines and learning to live obediently to the Lord of scripture, they can be a fun way for any age to have a few minutes of fun while sharing about Bible books, themes, authors, testaments, the first Christmas, parables, and more. I would recommend having conversations about what you are learning as you play. You might be surprised at even what adults will learn! Have fun. Make disciples!

Again, to find these and other games, go to www.biblegamescentral.com. For Thanksgiving games, go to https://biblegamescentral.com/thanksgiving-games-and-activities/. For Christmas games, go to https://biblegamescentral.com/christmas-games/.


  1. Robert, you can find the games here: http://www.biblegamescentral.com.

  2. Easy way to make disciples, how can I get these games for the Sunday School ? Approximately how much can a full package cost?

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