Discipling Men

For many reasons today, churches have a shortage of men. Churches need more men in leadership. Churches and families need more men as disciples. Our world needs more men as salt and light. Another need is an effective strategy for discipling men.

Every believer benefits from the intentional, relational investment of disciplers. Notice that I used the plural, “disciplers.” Seldom will one person serve as an individual’s discipler for all of life. A disciple benefits from the investment of many in him or her by the body of Christ with a diversity of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personalities, and experiences.

How will that happen when men tend to have few if any friends. How will that happen when no one shows them why it is important or offers a strategy that makes sense? Too often, I have heard pastors and church leaders say they don’t know how or have time. The need is great and these obstacles can be overcome.

Tim Brown on Discipling Men

I spent time with a disciple, discipler, and pastor this morning. Tim Brown is the pastor of Church on the Corner in Bowling Green. You can learn more about his vision for men at http://livingbyhislife.com.

God has given Tim a passion for discipling men. God has given him a strategy for addressing the obstacles. The result as been the opportunity to impact men in multiple states and scores of churches.

I want to share a short video that gives you a picture of the need for and possibilities from discipling men. Press the link below Tim’s picture.

Tim has spoken at many Kentucky churches. A few of those churches impacted include Living Hope Baptist Church, Woodburn Baptist Church, and Broadway United Methodist Church in Bowling Green; Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington; First Baptist Church in Murray; and Heartland Church in Paducah. Discipling groups of 5-6 men have multiplied as a result of what God has done through this ministry. If you want to learn more, contact Tim at [email protected].

Disciple men. Be intentional and relational. Be a disciple. Make disciples!

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